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Having had a number of massages over a years, I would definately rate this one as one of the best. I felt he concentrated on all concerns I had regarding some pain I was in.
Excellent massage. The guy (sorry I can't remember his name)chatted through everything to make sure I was comfortable. I'd go back in hearthbeat.
I'd never had a massage from a male I'm female Yet he listened and respected how i felt and made me feel comfortable and at ease. I enjoyed my massage nonethless Thank you (Groupon Review)
Got a massage through the #massagetheraiststogeter scheme and was amazing. Due to work I suffer back pain and this helped so much. Will def be going back in the future Thank you Kelly Social care worker
Excellent massage. Very relaxing but also worked the muscles and areas of tension. Will definitely be back. Treatwell Review
Мирослава Бронникова
Аруна - потрясающий массажист! ????? Я пришла к нему с сильной болью в колене. Я танцую, выступаю на фестивале Фринж и мне важно оставаться в форме. Я даже и не надеялась, что боль пройдет после первой же сессии массажа - но именно так и произошло! Фактически, Аруна спас мой Фринж! ? Более того, ощущения во всем теле - прекрасные. В условиях Эдинбурга ? я почти всегда мерзну, а тут прямо отличный разогревающий эффект для всех мышц и связок. ☀️ Спасибо огромное!!! ❤❤❤❤❤
Murray McDonald
I attended Kalaholistics, found ArunA to be very professional checked current health problems and any injuries. He worked out every stressed and knotted muscle, A1 for hard work and effort. Very good value for money and excellent service. Thanks. Google Review
Caroline O'Sullivan
I really liked the Swedish massage I got from ArunA. He was very professional and I didn’t feel uncomfortable a single moment. He also offered the service of a Lomi Lomi massage which I never had before so he gave me detailed information about that beforehand. I also completed an anamnesis paper and he was asking where I have problems. As I suffer from ekzema, he also used coconut oil for my instead of the normal massage oil. The massage itself was very relaxing and I definitely recognised that ArunA has a lot of experience. He also has a few spiritual quotes on the wall, also upside down under the massage bench which you could read while lying on the bench. I really liked that atmosphere and ArunA is a very calm and friendly person. I would go back there without hesitating and can highly recommend his service. Google Review
Als Vollzeit-Masterstudentin im Dissertation-Endspurt hatte ich ein bisschen Entspannung und Ruhe bitter nötig. Freundinnen von mir schwärmten in höchsten Tönen von der Lomi Lomi Massage von Aruna, priesen sie als die beste Massage, die sie jemals hatten. Ich buchte einen Termin und wurde definitiv nicht enttäuscht! Aruna ist so nett, offen und extrem bemüht! Wenn man in seinen Behandlungszimmer kommt, fühlt man sich sofort in der Wärme wohl. Er passt die Behandlung haargenau an die Wünsche der Kunden an und fragt jederzeit nach den Preferenzen bezüglich Wärme, Druck, etc. Ich kann sie jedem nur wärmstens empfehlen!!!!
मेरे पास दुनिया भर के कई स्थानों पर मालिश है, लेकिन कोई भी अरुण की तरह नहीं करता है। काश मैं उससे पहले उसके बारे में पता चला था। मैं निश्चित रूप से एक बिल्कुल शानदार मालिश के लिए उसे सलाह देते हैं। वह सभ्य है और वास्तव में आपको आराम देता है। उनकी तकनीक शानदार और बहुत सुखद है। काश मैं एडिनबर्ग छोड़ने से पहले एक और के लिए समय था।
Keyla Ferraro
Recien me hice un masaje con Aruna y me encanto! Hizo una mezcla de Lomi Lomi y Swedish masajes y fue muy professional durante toda la experiencia. Antes del masaje, me hizo preguntas sobre mi cuerpo (nivel de guerza, lugares de dolor etc). El ambiente del consultorio fue muy relajate y comodo. 100% recomiendado.
The massage I received at Kala Holistics was great ! I've struggled to find a massage in Edinburgh that is equal parts therapeutic as it is relaxing. I will definitely be back. Treatwell.
Such a wonderful experience, so relaxing and calming and Aruna was so nice and friendly. The massage itself was really fantastic evening and I felt really relaxed during and afterwards. . Treatwell
Ze wzgledu na moja prace miewam czeste bole plecow i odwiedzalam wielu masazystow. Aruna jest z pewnoscia najlepszym profesjonalista, i z powolania. Goraco polecam!!
Shoko Seki
Gizella Nagy
Thank you so much for this wonderful massage, which I've just received from you. I have had a great experience all the way throughout, as a professional masseuse. I loved how the various massage techniques you performed made my muscles completely loosened up, made me relaxed and have been feeling high! Again thank you ever so much.
Kirsty (facebook)
Just had an amazing full body massage courtesy of Aruna - so relaxing ! Thank you again xxx
Viki Gombos
Thanks a million! It was a fantastic experience! I have never received a such a gorgeous massage before. The masseur undoubtedly has very good hands, can surely use them to perform exceptionally. What I really liked about this massage was that it was long, got massaged across my body both sides, and had an amazing time. I was being reminded all the way that I had no similar feelings before during any massage I had in the past. It was a truly wonderful first encounter and I am hoping to have more opportunities to enjoy your massage in the future. Thank you very much.
Michelle (treatwell)
Was a new experience...Felt totally relaxed would highly recommend.
Szoko Seki
Aruna's massage was fantastic and I spent a very relaxing time. Before I had a huge tired because of I've joined Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017. My body and soul was healed, and I could fully concentrate for my performance after the massage. Thank you very much Aruna.