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Massage Edinburgh

Originally from Sri Lanka, I came to UK in early 90’S to be trained as a Nurse.

    Having qualified in mid- 90’s I became interested in massage therapy due to sports activity I was involved and also felt I was naturally comfortable doing treatment and the positive feedback received from various people.

As a nurse, I was well known to be caring and with healing hands so it was the right thing to go and became therapist

In 1998 Swedish massage course completed successfully undertaken with Reade natural therapies in Essex. LomiLomi followed up in 2010 and hot stone in 2013 and sports massage in 2014

I was also fortunate enough to be volunteered for Olympics in London 2012 Olympics & Rio 2016, which was a great .

I am passionate about my work and personally see Massage Therapy as a form of art. It allows me to be creative, be focused and caring.

I am Also committed to my work, where I can encourage healing process of my clients.

Massage Edinburgh
Massage Edinburgh

“What happens when people open their Hearts, They get better “.

Haruki Murakami

Hope to see you soon.


Massage Edinburgh